Wait what, an Update log?

Many changes have been made to the game in the past while! I've realized there is a devlog section on itchio so apologies for the mass size! Well here we go:

Major Changes:

Sounds added! Still more to come:

  • Punch sounds and wooshed
  • chainsaw idle and use sounds
  • body hit sounds
  • Sniper reload and shot sounds
  • Zombie growls and zombie death sounds
  • gui button click sound
  • m16 gunshot sounds
  • forest soundscape added
  • pistol gunshot sounds
  • Rocket launcher shot, missle moving, and explosion sound effect
  • Frag grenade explosion sound effect (uses rocket explosion sound effect)
  • Flashlight toggle sound
  • Looting sound

Upgrade Menu changed:

Temporary and permanent upgrade effects available

Permanent Upgrades (stats that last the whole game)

Includes: MaxHp, points, lootRange, lootTime

Temporary (stats that will last until a map change)

Includes: lootRank, shot accuracy, explosive damage, bullet damage, player speed

Other Menu changes include gui improvements and upgrade limits so you can't become a god

Weapon Balancing:

  • Molotov Cocktail damage extremly reduced
  • Iron Sword damage and radius increased
  • Rocket Launcher blast radius reduced, damage kept the same
  • Sniper Rifle damage reduced a bit

Main Menu:

Finally implemented the Main Menu, you can now:

  • Select a level
  • Select a Save
  • Quit the game :(

Things that are on the list of things to be added are:

  • Difficulty selection
  • Highscore list
  • Options Menu
  • Unlockable levels

Other changes:

  • Introducted secondary inventory, allowing for much needed room for grenades, loot keys, molotovs, etc.
  • Added mouse wheel support for weapon switching
  • Buffed Sniper and M16 damage
  • Player now heals over time only when safe (not being hurt for 2 seconds)

Minor Changes:

  • Changed Wave text, added outro of going into truck after all the waves are completed. This outro is a WIP
  • Made gui slightly smaller to make it less cluttered
  • Particle Optimizations
  • Changed fists to be an empty inventory item, just seemed weird that you could trade in your fists with other items when looting
  • Made night environment lighting a little brighter, so your not stuck with wide open eyes looking for movement on your monitor
  • Made sound play relative to the player rather than the cameras middle position, preventing weird sound location issues
  • Made it so you dont loot so much, adjust loot rank
  • Tweaked upgrade gui and improved pause menu
  • Changed gui main font to an easier to read font
  • Made time in-between waves 15 seconds
  • Make it so when you die, it fades out and restarts the level
  • Molotov creates more fire, also fire now explodes out after molotov breaks
  • Vehicle artwork (bound to be changed) but vehicles are added in as props

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a major bug allowing the player to shoot one gun while actually usin g another guns bullets and fire rate.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to get stuck in the house they are looting when switching weapons
  • Fixed a bug that made buildings fade while you were looting them
  • Fixed loot area not giving enough weapons based off loot rank of player
  • Fixed loot area not giving enough weapons based off loot rank of player
  • Fixed an error being thrown sometimes when looting
  • Fixed loot areas not displaying weapons sometimes
  • Fixed getting stuck in collisions when timeScale is not normal
  • Fixed sword animation bug
  • Fix sound being played indefinitely when shooting a gun with no ammo
  • Fixed a bug that made particles not show when a map was changed
  • Fixed items vanishing when picking up on a full inventory
  • Fixed some particle bugs
  • Fixed weapons not stacking properly when picking them up
  • Fixed zombie bodies showing glitched sprites
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when loading a map in which a leftover map save existed.
  • Fixed bug where player would punch or animate indefinitely, preventing any actions with that weapon
  • Fixed a bug that made looting impossible
  • Fixed a bug that made looting difficult from certain mouse distances from the player

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